About Us

Durgesh Industries is a renowned manufacturer and exporter of metal (mesh) conveyor belts. We manufacture, processes and trade all kinds of wire and wire mesh. The quality wires along with quality workmanship and precision goes in the manufacturing of every belt at Durgesh.These belts can carry any weight, to run straight and move without any guidance so that material can be carried up and down round the corners. The products offered by us have gained acclaim all over the world and we ensure to maintain our superior standards.

The metal (mesh) conveyor belt manufacture belt manufactured by us is used in application at temp between -50 degree C to 1150 degree C.

The popular and renowned products of ours are Balance Belts, Double Balance Belts, Compound Balance Belts, Greatex Belts, Duplex Belts, Rod Reinforced Belts, Conventional Link Belts, Chain Drive, Wire Belts and Flat Wire Belts. We are renowned for our production of quality products which ensures higher efficiency and consistency.

Area Of Applications

Below are the various products manufactured here along with the areas of applications:

  • Glass and Ceramics. These belts are used in Annealing, Decoration, Firing and Curing Fibre Glass.
  • Food Industries. These belts are used in Washing, Baking, Dewatering, Cooling and Freezing.
  • Metal Works. These belts are used in General conveying to heat treatment, Hardening, Quenching, Sintering, Silver Soldiering, Silver Brazing, and Copper Brazing.
  • General Industries. These belts are used in Packaging Industries, Shoes Industries, Salt Industries, Rubber Industries, Plywood processing, Powder Coating, Hand tools and Electronics etc.


We at Durgesh have always kept quality as our prime concern. The entire production procedure is due to the precise quality measures that are adopted by us. We have a dedicated team of quality managers who ensures that the production procedure is followed from the scratch that starts with the selection of the raw materials to the final dispatch.

Our quality standards have enabled us to gain the International market standards and establish our presence at both domestic and international level.